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Computer Programming, Vendor/Product Certification

Program Description

Just the Facts

Computer Programming, Vendor/Product Certification. A program that prepares individuals to fulfill the requirements set by vendors for professional qualification as certified installation, customization, and maintenance engineers for specific software products and/or processes. Includes training in specific vendor-supported software products and their installation and maintenance.

This program is available in these options:

  • Certificate / Diploma
  • Associate degree
  • Bachelor's degree

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Additional Information

A myriad of technical and vocational schools, community colleges and four-year colleges offer programs that teach students the ins and outs of Microsoft technology.

Microsoft offers several information technology (IT) certifications. The most popular is the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), but it's certainly not the only one.

Training usually lasts between seven months and one year. "Using Lifelong Learning MCSE Program as an example, it takes 26 weeks to complete the course, and most others," says Dan Tuchmann, trainer coordinator at the University of South Florida. "Courses are geared toward career changers."

Microsoft has established its own official curriculum for these certification programs, and has designated certain schools as Authorized Academic Training Providers (AATPs).

Most programs look for technical aptitude, computer savvy and a passion for the field. The work is challenging and can be technically complicated.

Students who are planning to pursue Microsoft technical training should take as many computer courses involving hardware, software, programming, databases and Internet operations as possible. Being technically inclined and computer-literate is essential before starting a certification program.

Joining the computer club, working on your own computer at home and taking free online courses can all be excellent ways to prepare.

Microsoft programs leave students with a variety of skills, depending on the program. A systems engineer will have a solid knowledge of Microsoft products across the board, and should be able to set up, maintain and troubleshoot Microsoft applications. A networking specialist will have particular expertise in setting up local and area Microsoft-based networks.

You should anticipate expenses of at least $10,000 for a year.

Some programs include materials and book costs in their tuition. If not, students can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for books alone. They will also need to have frequent and unrestricted access to a new computer -- not an old dinosaur -- so that they can run Microsoft's latest programs with ease and speed.


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